Deconstructing Eurocentric Bias in the Art World

Hrag Vartanian and Veken Gueyikian are the co-founders of Hyperallergic, an online magazine that describes itself as a “forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today.” Hrag sees Hyperallergic’s unique voic... Read More

5 Women on the Rules of Visibility & How to Break Them

In the past 100 years, women have worked to overcome gender roles that kept women in the domestic sphere and men in the public sphere. Although women have gained autonomy and freedom in their careers and ambitions (often simultaneously speaking out a... Read More
Bice Model

Introducing Bice, a Queer Model and Rising Star

Bice knew he wanted to become a model ever since he was a child. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, he grew up with alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss from some or all areas of the body. This made him feel different and strange, bu... Read More
Lauren Flax

Ground Your Sound: An Interview with DJ Lauren Flax

Lauren Flax’s first memory of music is listening to the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Christmas album with her family on Christmas morning in the early '80s. Full disclosure: Lauren is one of my best friends and we have been house-mates for nearly a ... Read More

How My Leather Jacket Changed My Life

A lack of familiarity and the subtle hints of uncomfortability revealed themselves on my friend's face the first time she saw me don my new leather jacket. I had spent months deciding if the “look” was right for me, but, with the first brisk signs of... Read More

Rappers of the Inland Empire: HYM and Kalypxo

On a Wednesday in August, I woke up early and sat down at my computer just as the sun was creeping in through my window. With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I wanted to see what was happening in the world. Like many people, I start the day with Faceb... Read More