Exploring Queer Technologies with Artist Zach Blas

In a hetero-normative world, even things that first appear to operate outside of the limits of gender and sexuality, like technology, are often created within the traditional boundaries of sexual politics. Upon realizing technology was heteronormative, artist Zach Blas decided to propose alternative... Read More
Lisa Lyon

The Trouble with Strong Women

Because strong women are often considered lowbrow spectacles relegated to freak shows and bodybuilding championships that take place in rented-out hotel ballrooms, I’m inclined to look for us in highbrow places, particularly in art. It’s a hunger for visual representation that is only rivaled by the... Read More
Jeffrey Cheung

The Anxiety of Human Connection

In our interview with Oakland-based painter and zine-maker Jeffrey Cheung, he discusses the significance of social anxiety and how he rebels against mainstream idealization of the white gay male body. “I think being Asian American has a lot to do with my feelings of being an outsider. When I wa... Read More

Afropunk Black Girl Magic: The Face of Breast Cancer Awareness

Two years ago, Ericka Hart, a 30 year-old sexuality educator was diagnosed with breast cancer. To raise awareness and provide visibility for Black queer women who are battling with or have battled breast cancer, Ericka attended this year’s Afropunk Fest in Brooklyn topless revealing her double maste... Read More
Birthing a Drag Queen

A Day in the Life: Interviewer Becomes Drag Queen

In a short documentary released this summer by The Sound Media, Chicago-based Drag Queen Saya Naomi takes on the role of Drag Mother for the film's interviewer, Michael Alexander. Saya helps Michael create a new identity and together they go out into the streets to get first hand experience of how p... Read More
Claire Fleury Queer Fashion Designer

An Afternoon with Hayden and Shay by Claire Fleury and Alesia Exum

Claire Fleury is a NYC-based fashion designer whose genderfluid work is significantly inspired by what she describes as "performative collaborations," most often with members of the queer and trans community. Fleury previously co-founded Strange Loop Gallery with her partner Alesia Exum which operat... Read More

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