Introducing the sick club beats of DJ Gooddroid

Interview with Adrianna Moschides (aka DJ Gooddroid)

Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you come from and when did you start learning to DJ?

I’m born and raised for the most part in BK and moved to Miami when I was younger. I’m Greek, Cuban-Chinese, Jamaican, if that makes any sense. I learned how to DJ at 14 years old, playing at school dances, birthday parties and the like. I started going to raves at 13 so that’s what peaked my interest. I wanted to become a part of the scene in a more influential way and that’s what I set out to do.

DJ Gooddroid

How would you describe your style?

I kinda play whatever I feel like playing. My roots are house, UK Garage, jungle, and in 2005 dubstep. I got into the deeper stuff immediately and then just stuck with whatever it transformed into. Right now I’m really into club type stuff…lots of ballroom and vogue beats…all kinds of bass and world music.

Who are your major influences?

My major influences are definitely the queer bass-y music coming out today…definitely ballroom and vogue, past and present. I love a lot of reggaeton and dancehall stuff too, I feed off a lot of that musically and culturally.

DJ Gooddroid

Are there particular parties that you spin at regularly? Where can someone find you?

So in NYC right now I’m doing Mushpost Live on Tuesdays at One Last Shag, Saturday’s at Ace Hotel, Friday’s monthly at Baby’s All Right…and I do a weird black metal/shoegaze night at Saint Vitus on Friday’s too. My vogue night, Catwalk, will be back in effect in September. I also own a record label called Loveless Records for quite some time now, you should definitely check that out.

You can catch their music live this Saturday, June 27th, at Posture’s Issue No. I magazine release party. Details here.

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