Lookbook: Johna Stone Fall/Winter 2017

Though simple and utilitarian at first glance, Johna Stone’s debut Fall/Winter 2017 collection reveals there’s more than meets the eye. The young, award-winning designer pulls from inspiration from the past (well before his time) to create a complex combination of construction, craft, and creativity to put an exciting new spin on clothing for the modern minimalist.

“The F/W ’17 collection was inspired by working women during WWII. It was the beginning of industrialization and large machines were introduced into peoples lives. Women started wearing comfortable clothes in order to perform their daily work. I started looking into different uniforms at the time, and trying to understand why they were designed the way they look. The nurse uniform caught my attention, especially the nurse hat. I realized that the hats pattern was constructed on a rectangular shape, through strategic cutting and folding which can be made very efficiently saving fabric and time. From there I started designing my collection, trying to use various construction methods to create different volumes and silhouettes. There is also a sense of simplicity in the collection, combining creativity and functionality is always my goal of designing.” — Johna Stone

Photography by Danny Roche


For more information please visit johna-stone.com. You can also follow Johna on Instagram.

Morgan Stuart
Morgan Stuart

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