The Best of NYFW: SS18

Instead of focusing on what’s trendy this fashion week, Posture’s Fashion Editor takes you through some of New York Fashion Week’s top therapeutic shows that transport us out of the unsettling reality of today by providing disruptive social commentary, nostalgia of our carefree youth, and a shared hope of a more paradisiacal future.


Inspired by their love of music and the artists that inspire them most, David and Phillipe Blond worked with reflective materials and playful silhouettes to create their own version of a platinum paradise.



The Blonds | Photography by LECCA



Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver adds disruptive social commentary to Helmut Lang’s latest collection in the form of bondage inspired pieces, prominent graphic prints and gender fluid silhouettes.


Helmut Lang Seen By Shayne Oliver : Spring / Summer 2018 Runway Show

Matteo Prandoni for BFA | Courtesy of Helmut Lang



Maison The Faux’s SS18 collection offers mermaid dresses in sequins and striped tulle, red plastic bags, and graphic prints to create an alternate universe in which everyone can be themselves by letting go of mass media’s idea of what is trendy and beautiful.


MAISON THE FAUX NYFW SS18MAISON THE FAUX | Photography by Team Peter Stigter


Presented by VFILES

INXX’s SS18 adds a modern twist to 90’s and early 00’s nostalgia by fusing subcultures and contemporary and vintage silhouettes to push the boundaries of streetwear.


VFiles NYFW 2017

INXX | Photo courtesy of VFILES


Presented by VFILES

By combining his inspiration in Asian culture and the way it has been shaped by centuries of cultural erosion with his attention to craftsmanship, JunJie has created a collection that brings unexpected twists in fabrication and construction into the future.


V Files SS18 NYFW 2017

JUNJIE | Photo courtesy of VFILES


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Morgan Stuart

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