The Best of Men’s New York Fashion Week

Posture’s Fashion Editor takes you through some of New York Fashion Week Men’s highlights, featuring new names fresh out of design school to the menswear aficionados that have graced fashion weeks runway many times before.



This season, Menyelek features colors he does not wear — or even like. Why, you ask? Because to Menyelek, fashion should provide the freedom to wear what one wants no matter the color, pattern or gender. To offset the soft pinks and sequined silvers, the models walked aggressively down the runway to prove that a book shouldn’t always be judged by its galactic moon pants.



Patrik Ervell reflects on his San Francisco roots to experiment with the intersections and overlaps of subcultures of his youth. By reimagining the use of a fabric as nostalgic as nylon — a fabric that reminds him of his childhood sleeping bags —  Ervell pays tribute to his origins while also progressing forward into new and unknown territory.



A self-proclaimed ‘gatherer of the ordinary American life’, Private Policy sets out to collect bits and pieces of U.S. basics to put back together the American Dream that has been derailed by its current political state. By creating pieces inspired by the wild west, old-hollywood glam, and bodega bags and combining it with a punk attitude, Private Policy hopes to re-inspire the country and its small details that make up the beauty of its lost dream.

Photos by Shxpir Huang. Styling by Mel Renee.



Through the use of vibrant colors and Gabonese inspired prints, Teddy Ondo Ella’s debut collection set out to fuse the tradition of his hometown with the cosmopolitan nature of New York City to embody his version of modern Africa.

Photos by Sherridon Poyer.



Inspired by underground silhouettes created by a fusion of New York’s vintage counterculture and modern multiculturalism, Todd Snyder loosens his top button with a SS18 collection that is resonant of nostalgic prep school days by combining traditional men’s tailoring with a youthful edge.

Photos by Maria Valentino.



Inspired by her Chinese heritage, Feng Chen Wang combines her redefinition of the “Made in China” stamp and references the color palette of China’s rural landscape and symbolic colors with lightweight breathable, lightweight fabrics cut to create a functional and futuristic silhouette.



Designers William Watson and Vincent Oshin drew inspiration from New York-based artist Keith Mackie’s ‘Mystical Peacock’. The ‘eyes’ of the peacock feather print motif are cleverly meant to abstractly reference modern society’s obsession with vanity in a with a nod to the 1950’s aesthetic. To play up the reference to the vainglorious, the Death To Tennis models spent the entire presentation Snapchatting, taking Polaroid selfies, and livestreaming themselves on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos by Sherridon Poyer.



Carlos Campos captures playfulness, strength, and modernity found in the work of Mexican contemporary architect, Luis Barragan, through the use of bold, minimalistic patterns and vibrantly hued colors.

Photos by Leandro Justen.



Inspired by ‘The Masks We Wear’, Descendant of Thieves’ SS18 collection points out that the clothing we wear is the mask that we put on every single day. The collections vibrant power-clashing looks also nods to the deviantly fashion obsessed mod men of the mid-60’s who broke ground for men to dress purely for show.



Christopher Lowman reinvents classic scholarly looks this season with a ‘punk’d’ twist: By shredding denim jeans, fraying shirt edges and carefully placing scrawl of a stressed out student throughout pieces of the collection, Lowman brings light to the struggles and feelings that many collegiates face: ‘Will this all be worth it?’, ‘Overwhelmed and feeling hopeless’, and of course, ‘Never Ending Loans’.


Morgan Stuart
Morgan Stuart

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