Homosexuality in Hitchcock’s “Rope”

“Alfred Hitchcock is usually placed outside noir. But at heart, no director is more deeply noir.” – Foster Hirsch Review by Gabrielle Golenda  It’s summer of 1948. Hollywood was still in the “innocent era,” of the 1920s, 30, and 40s, feeling th... Read More
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Celebrate Pride: A List of Pride Drag Events!

Written by Ballerina Bizet It is officially June, you know what that means! Well...yes the Summer Equinox but that's not what I was hinting at.  Besides, the weather seems to be content on doing whatever it wants so who cares! No, it's June, which... Read More
Sarah Maywalt

Ask a Tranny – How Can I Support My Trans Friend?

Question #2 in the "Ask A Tranny" Series by Sarah Maywalt. Feel free to ask a question that you would like addressed in her next article in the comments section below or via email at maywalt@gmail.com. You can reference Question #1 here. My friend... Read More

“Queer Heat” Performance Review

“Queer Heat” Review By: Theresa “Ms. Reign” Taylor This past weekend, the legendary Stonewall Inn played host to three of Philadelphia’s brightest stars: LBGTQ activist and poet, J Mase III, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Keisha Slaughter,... Read More
Cristy Road

The Graphic Art of Cristy Road

Cristy Road is a Cuban-American queer graphic artist living in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. She is greatly influenced by punk culture and her work often invokes the themes of gender dynamics, sexuality, class, depression, drugs, death, travel, radical organizi... Read More
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Drag Event Review: Trifecta

“Come Experience the Power of Trifecta” | Written by Ballerina Bizet So a new month just started. You paid your rent (or are trying to) and just got off a long day of work. You feel like starting your weekend early (Thursday night) but are not sur... Read More

5 Things They Don’t Tell Newlyweds

5 Things They Don’t Tell Newlyweds | Brian Masefield Brian Masefield I got married last year to my partner of over a decade. Since I’m barely eight months into our newlywed bliss, you might think I’m not the best person to be writing about mar... Read More