SlutWalk: Amber Rose Joined By Thousands To Advocate For Social Change

On October 1st for SlutWalk, Amber Rose was joined by Black Chyna, 21 Savage, Margie Plus, O.T. Genasis, and thousands of marchers to stand up for the right to equality and self-expression of marginalized groups.

“Hatred and judgement demolishes self-esteem; but love and acceptance rebuilds it. When people tear one another down for their choices on how to live their life or govern their body, it divides families and nations,” said Amber Rose. “It is my goal to shine a huge light on the unassuming, non-traditional gems of the world – the ones that have been shamed, abused and counted out—through this full weekend of education and empowerment. It is my dream that we start living our life searching for the threads that connects us, the differences that inspire us and the lessons that teach us.”

The Amber Rose SlutWalk weekend kicked off with workshops and discussions to educate and empower women by focusing on ‘the five pillars’ (know your rights, sex talk & relationships, digital activism, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and policy reform) and ended with a major walk where everyone was encouraged to showcase their creative side in the form of style, art, and signage in the safe space Rose created.

Check out some of our favorite looks, signs, and art from SlutWalk in the slideshow above.

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Morgan Stuart
Morgan Stuart

Morgan is a multi-faceted creative living in Brooklyn who thoroughly enjoys "damn-ing the man". The former fashion industry art director and buyer has shifted her focus to photography, production and fashion editing for Posture Mag, the world's #1 magazine, in her unbiased opinion. She finds inspiration in color, clowns, punks, clown punks, sewer rats, Martha Stewart, things that piss her off, things that make her laugh, the pee-garbage smell of summer in New York City, Heidi Fleiss' obsession with birds and being too drunk at brunch. Any questions?

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