Style Profile: Jimi Lucid

Jimi Lucid is a NYC-based musician whose clothing style matches his musical pursuits…a little trippy, and a little punk. He pulls from punk inspirations like Vivienne Westwood and fuses it with inspiration from 70s era experimental artists like Jimi Hendrix. Follow Jimi on Instagram at @jimilucid.

Blazer by @rh3aa, the rest is thrifted | Photo by @bobbyybanks


Rock tee with jacket and pants by @øblanc | Photo by @bobbyybanks


Jacket, pants, and shoes by @øblanc | Photo by @bobbyybanks

Jimi Lucid

St. Marks, Manhattan

Favorite place(s) to shop
Trash and Vaudeville

Favorite clothing brands

Favorite makeup/beauty brands
Milk Makeup

Fashion inspiration(s)
Vivienne Westwood, Hendrix, John Lydon

Spirit animal
A raven or Prince

Astrological sign

Personal note to Posture reader
Love yourself!

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Morgan Stuart
Morgan Stuart

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